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Illinois Valley Fuller Center for Housing
1716 N. University

Peoria, IL 61604

Phone: 309 363-3737



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The Illinois Valley Fuller Center for Housing is dedicated to assisting military veterans in the Tri-County area of Central Illinois with home repairs.  Veterans who need help with the financial cost of repairs or the labor necessary to make the repairs can apply to the Illinois Valley Fuller Center's Home Repair Program.  The application will be reviewed and if the scope of the work falls under our guidelines repairs will be made with no cost to the applicant.

We will be providing yard cleanups on April 5 and April 12 for veterans, seniors and disabled residents of the Tri-County area.  It's been a rough winter with more stormy and windy conditions still to come.  Our volunteers will pick up twigs and small limbs that were knocked down during the ice and wind storms.  We also will rake up any leaves left over from the fall.  There is no charge for this service.  Our openings are limited, so contact us today at 309 363-3737 to request a cleanup.  You can also e-mail

There are veterans all over the Tri County area like Pete, pictured above with wife Ann, who bravely served our country.  The IVFCH is dedicated to giving back a little to them.  Some of our veterans gave all, but all gave some, and it's our honor and privilege to give back to them.

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